We Are a Team
of Builders

We’re building technology solutions grounded in research about how students learn best, and the needs of classroom teachers, to help educators unlock the full potential of every student — no matter who they are or where they live.

Our Products

CZI brings together educators and researchers to co-build technology solutions that address challenges in the classroom. We also engage youth and learning experts at organizations offering diverse perspectives on education to ensure our products can help educators across the country enhance learning and foster connections.

Given the rapid adoption of generative AI in education, we are thoughtfully exploring how to incorporate artificial intelligence into educational products in partnership with researchers, experts and educators. We believe that the key to harnessing the promise of AI in education is to co-develop tools with educators and researchers that are academically rigorous, responsibly made, and solve real challenges in the classroom.

Launched in collaboration with Gradient Learning, Along is a teacher-student connection builder that gives educators an easy and meaningful way to check in with each student — and know them on a deeper level. Using Along, teachers are able to build connections with their students to find out how they’re experiencing key aspects of learning — and how to use their input to inform classroom practice. Along is based on what we know from research: when students have positive relationships with their teachers, they are more likely to feel motivated and engaged in school, develop positive social and emotional competencies, and perform better academically.

We support Gradient Learning to offer Summit Learning to schools across America. Summit Learning gives teachers the curriculum, resources and support to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of every student. CZI also partners with Summit Learning educators to co-design technology solutions that help unlock the full potential of every student.

Impact Investing

CZI invests globally in innovative companies that are developing transformative and scalable solutions to the issues at the heart of our mission. We make venture investments with the expectation that these will be successful as companies so they can scale the high-quality solutions and innovation to have as much impact as possible. The education technology companies in our ventures portfolio now serve millions of students across the U.S., India, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

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Bringing together diverse voices is at the heart of what we do to build impactful technology solutions for teachers and students. It's thrilling to be a part of a team designing innovative solutions that will make a meaningful difference for young people.